Lean for Life

Rapid weightloss program. Lose up to 1-2 pounds per day.
Call 1-800-Weightloss for details and pricing.


Doctor Bob Regular Program

Initial program cost is $150.00 and includes the following:

* physical exam, review of medical history and assessment by doctor or nurse practitioner.
* 15 day prescription medication supply for appetite control and fluid management – if determined to be warranted following exam and per recommendations based on patient health history, BMI and appropriateness.
* B-12 injection.
* Program materials.
* nutritional counseling and support including behavior modification and exercise counseling.
* individualized recommendations by doctor or nurse practitioner for voluntary dietary supplements to maximize total nutritional status and to promote complete health and wellness.
At each of your follow up visits, you will be
* monitored for safe and effective weight loss, including weigh-ins, blood pressure checks and heartrate monitoring.
* provided with ongoing support by experienced nursing staff for continued dietary/exercise counseling.
New Patient days are accepted weekly. Call today to schedule your initial appointment and be sure to bring a photo I.D. with current address.
An appointment is only needed for the initial visit. Follow-up visits are on a walk in basis.
Need more info? Feel free to call any one of our offices. You can speak directly with our medical staff to have your questions answered.
Dr. Bob Medical Weight Loss accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover, debit card, personal check and cash payments.



For over sixty five years, the Doctor Bob Medical Weight Loss Program has been helping people just like YOU lose weight and keep it off! The Doctor Bob Medical Weight Loss Program works because it’s not a fad diet… it’s a lifestyle change… a program that involves nutritional counseling, prescriptions if needed, optional food supplements, fluid management, exercise and support. If you want to take weight off and keep it off the safe and affordable way, check out Pennsylvania’s oldest and largest medical weight loss program.

Here are a few of our policies to keep in mind:
Last Patient will be seen 15 minutes before closing each day.
Keep in mind that office visits may take up to 20 minutes.
If you are running short on time, please call the office to make arrangements with the staff.
Offices have a walk-in basis for follow-up visits – be aware that if you come during a new patient day, you may have to wait.
The offices of Dr. Bob do not participate with any insurance carriers, yet offer very affordable program fees.

To set up your initial appointment or for more information call one of our four offices or:

1-800-WEIGHT LOSS (1-800-934-4485)